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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1240: Operational Report: 29/04/45

Off the south of Hokkido, we run into one of those pesky raiding destroyer groups. Once more we fail to sink them.

We hit another small cargo ship with the deck gun of one of our subs.

This says two hits, but one was a dud.

Its always the CVE.

We pick off another incoming supply ship.

Then another.

A third is not looking healthy either.

The second wave is now landing, but they come in too late to help in today's battle. Not that they are needed all that much.

We advance in Java once more, and the Japanese cannot hold us back.

Another unit is destroyed at Mukden, but they still hold out.

Another base taken, and we march forwards some more. 20 planes destroyed on the ground means I most likely picked off a transport full of them.

Time for something to go wrong I think.