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Part 1241: Operational Report: 30/04/45

We start the day with a lucky escape.

I'm sweeping with the carriers here again, drawing out their planes.

This turns into the normal turkey shoot.

Japanese air power here has dropped dramatically over the last couple of days, they are either out of supplies or scrabbling to evacuate all the planes they can.

This is all the defence they can manage over Manila – most of that damage is from flak.

Lets hope this ship is full of planes.

Things continue to go well in Mauban.

The strategic bombers go out again. They are lighting a lot of fires, but not getting me many points. I may need to switch to a more juicy target.

Then it happens. Several more waves go in, and we hit 100k fires – now lets hope we get a firestorm!


So the bombers hit 100k for the first time, but that's not a guaranteed fire-storm. I'm more annoyed Mukden has survived another month.

Volmarias posted:

This. China is in supply now; where's the air power?

The road may be open, but Shanghai still has next to nothing in it, only the western half has supplies so far.

It takes a long time to ship stuff over.