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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1244: Operational Report: 03/05/45

The Japanese continue the tactic of sending in small waves of aircraft against us.

We continue the tactic of shooting them down.

This is the closest they get to us.

We carry on hitting the enemy at Mauban.

Nearby we hit the numerous Japanese forces again, taking a good number of them out.

They come on in the same old way, we shoot them down in the same old way.

Even when they have an escort, things go our way.

It seems that taking another base has spurred them into action, we've kicked in the hornets nest, and are now swatting down the hornets.

Our bombers go up again today.

Mukden holds out again.

Another good turkey shoot day – not one of the massive ones, but 120 planes destroyed is nothing to be sneezed at.