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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1245: Operational Report: 04/05/45

I've got destroyers infesting my ports again. Of course, four sorties can't get a single hit.

The bombers hit their targets once more, I may move on again, as Muroran is not getting me many points, and will be captured soon enough.

Not that we don't get a good number of hits in over the day.

We only see a few planes in the air, and we shoot down most of what we see.

We barely see any planes here today, but guess what happens when the Japanese do send out a raid.

We take Mauban, and can now march right into Manila.

The men at Batangas hold out for a little longer.

The reconquest of Java continues.

Ashan falls without a fight, but Mukden holds out for another day, once more its AV shoots up. Their numbers are decreasing however.

That's another couple of bases, and we are marching onwards as normal. 28,925 points are now needed to win the game.
The bombers are re-tasked to new targets. Lets see if that increases the flow of points.