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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1246: Operational Report: 05/05/45

We start the day well, picking off an enemy ship.

The Japanese planes come in and raid us once more.

They have much better luck with the retreating CVE.

Come evening, the subs torpedo another ship.

The Japanese continue to try and attack our shipping up here, this does not go well for them.

We finally hit those pesky destroyers as well.

I switch the bombers back to Meabashi, and we get some nice hits to start.

The shorter range bombers hit Muroran, but I may well switch them to hitting the troops at Sapporo.

We take out a load more Japanese troops on Java.

Murkden continues to hold out. Grr.

The new bombing strategy means I need to hit the Maebashi airfield once more. I shall plaster that tomorrow. I'll also start softening up Sapporo for the ground troops. I expect this to be the hard point of Hokkaido.