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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1248: Operational Report: 07/05/45

This seems to be a really good place for our subs to hunt.

The bombers support the ground attacks.

Sometimes, all you have to shoot are escorts.

We destroy a good number of units at Batangas with a shock attack, and take their forts down – this battle should go quicker now.

We manage to get a hit on a destroyer.

We continue to hit Sapporo, softening them up for the ground assault.

We see some air attacks, but not that many.

We hit the Maebashi airfield once more – another day of this and I shall switch back to the city.

The AV of the defenders of Sapporo has halved overnight, and we hit them hard today. This battle may take a while due to enemy numbers, but the result is assured.

I wish they would break. This is ridiculous.

We have several battles going on at the moment that are won, except for the retreating of the enemy – which is kinda annoying in the case of Mukden. Once they fall, we can move on. And we have several high points targets in sight!