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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1250: Operational Report: 09/05/45

The Japanese hit us with quite a large force of planes. Shame it doesn't stop us from shooting a lot of them down.

This will be the last day of hitting Maebashi's airfield.

We are also continuing to level Sapporo. One attack sinks two small Japanese boats.

After a day of raids, we see a sub get a kill.

The Japanese at Sapporo will not hold out for long at this rate.

We lose a couple of planes, but the Japanese defenders here are taking heavy losses to bombing – a sure sign of imminent collapse!

Sure enough, the troops mount a shock attack, and the enemy crumble before our men. Next stop – Manila!

The Japanese AV goes up once more, somehow they seem to keep pulling themselves back from the brink. We have troops in Port Arthur now, and more marching south.

A bloody day for the Japanese once more, and we can try and take Manila – I'm expecting to have the AV advantage, but for this to be a long battle due to the shear numbers of enemy troops that will be present in the city.

The Japanese base points drop big, and overall we gain 500 points – even after another CVE goes down!