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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1252: Operational Report: 11/05/45

The bombers hit Maebashi once more.

We cause some good casualties at Sapporo as well.

The Japanese have parked the Takao off the shore, and we attack her with many planes. But the second bomb that hits her sees her go up.

We take down some incoming bombers.

We smash into the Sapporo defenders, destroying a unit.

Just keep on hitting them.

No big captures today, Sapporo is close, and Mukden has been on the edge for months now. They must have miles of tunnels under that city.
The thing is, the Japanese base points have been dropping for the last few days, and today they drop below the 3000 point mark – so although we don't gain many point today, the Japanese lose 500, and because we need twice their points, we gain 1000!
This puts us at 26,800 to win!
Taking Sapporo and Mukden will give us another 1000 points each. So this month could see a massive change in our fortunes. Also we are marching on Manila, worth 1350 points to the Japanese, so taking that gives us 2700 and takes that off them – a total points change of 5,400 points!