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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1255: Operational Report: 14/05/45

The bombers switch targets.

At Sapporo, we destroy a unit, and the Japanese are low on supplies. This one shall end soon. (I hope)

The Japanese bomb our advancing troops, this will do nothing to slow them! Plus these are the reinforcements, so they are even less important to disrupt.

The defenders of Soeakarta lose the city, but cannot retreat. We will now begin to reduce this large force.

The last Japanese forces in the Burma region come under attack today – they hold us off, but the Chinese forces here will not be stopped.

Apparently I forgot to set Mukden to attack, and I miss another attack in Central china were we destroy a unit north of Shanghai that costs the Japanese 1500 men. This is the last force in a hex next to the rail line leading to the city, so maybe we'll see more supplies working their way south.

Well, Lets see if we can make some more Japanese units pay. I have two high value bases that should fall soon, and we're about to march Chinese troops into Korea!