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Part 1258: Operational Report: 17/05/45

The Japanese hit a oiler at Urrupu-jima. The carriers burned through all the fuel here and had to head home, but I thought I'd get away with using the support ships as tankers this one time.

One of our port raids ends poorly.

The troops and the larger bombers may be resting, but that's no excuse to stop causing havoc. Mitchell as well.

We do good damage to an incoming Peggy wave.

The the Ise turns up.

Manila airfield is well protected.

The last of the main force on Java is destroyed today.

Here too, the Japanese forces are obliterated.

Well, that is about eight thousand Japanese soldiers that won't bother us any more.
I'll rest the bombers for one more day, a number of them have converted to Superforts of a new model that actually has reserves!