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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1260: Operational Report: 19/05/45

This task force has been unloading troops for months now, the Japanese finally attack it.

As we have troops in Manila, it seems that the Japanese have moved their planes out. We do a good job against them in the first attack of the day.

They strike at our incoming ships, and we gun them down.

The second wave slips some planes though, but only after taking heavy losses.

The next wave gets thorough almost completely, but misses its targets.

They keep coming, wave after wave.

The Japanese shock attack us at Manila, and although they use a large number of units, the attack goes poorly.

Then we attack, and Manila is fortified to the gills and has near seventy thousand troops defending it! I'm going to need a lot more men!

The bombers try and hit Nagasaki, but it goes poorly against massed enemy fighters.

Owch, we shot down a lot of Japanese planes, but we lost a lot of our own, as well as many men and ships in the Philippines. We got a good boost in base points, so we don't lose anything but that was a painful day.