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by Grey Hunter

Part 1265: Operational Report: 24/05/45

Grrr, This sub is annoying me.

Thankfully we get this in the ticker.

The Japanese make a night attack on Kushiro, but they don't hit anything and we shoot two of them down.

The bombers hit the airfield, but do minimal damage in the first wave.

We destroy another unit in the assault on Sapporo. Their fortifications are collapsing quickly as well.

Our forces in Korea are attacked, and the enemy are here in strength. We are forced to retreat and await the rest of our forces moving down from Port Arthur.

Then Mukden falls, just like that.

Our bombardment attack at Manila goes very poorly.

Mukden has fallen! And with it I can 200 base points – not the 1000 I was promised! Lying Game. I'm sure that the rest of the points will be along soon enough.
I lost many planes again, so I'm switching targets once more, I'm going to hit the facilities themselves rather than the manpower. Maybe that will get me some more points.