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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1267: Operational Report: 26/05/45

The enemy come in over Mauban, and we shoot a good number of them down.

The second wave is dealt with in the same manner.

Our forces at Manila butcher the incoming Japanese forces, if they do this a few more times they will go a long way to balancing the scales. That will then give me a chance to take the city!

On Mindanano, we finally begin to break down the remaining Japanese forces. They are starved, poorly lead and have rock bottom morale, so it should not take long.

I hope something big is in that shipyard.

We also get a hit in on a refinery.

We also plaster a factory.

Our main force of 135,000 men finally gets back into action, the Japanese are well dug in at Liaoyuan, but they are outnumbered over ten to one. And now they have no forts protecting them.

Once we have taken that base in china, the main force will split up to take ground quicker. We gain another 370 points today as our basepoints jump.
The air to air losses are in our favour as well, and we scored eighty points in the bombing runs, so the new tactics seem to be working for now – our plane losses have dropped to acceptable levels.