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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1275: Operational Report: 03/06/45

The enemy have destroyers patrolling it seems.

The Sea Owl hits the Abukuma but is hit hard in response. We soon hear of the loss of the brave submarine.

The Bunker Hill has a lucky escape, the sub that attacked it does not.

Operation Pulling Teeth continues.

Lots of their planes turn around, but we are still able to shoot down a large number of planes.

And yes, I am using the Enterprise to do this. After three years of threats, I no longer fear the shank.

Of course, it has to go wrong at some point. The Enterprise is also hit in a later raid.

The bombers hit Maebashi, and we do seem to have reduced the fighters there a little.

The dive bombers certainty have it much easier.

It does not look like Muroran will hold me off for long.

The attack on Victoria point comes in as expected.

Once more I pay the price to break some forts at Manila.

There was no way to show all of the flights today, and I missed a few critical screen shots, the butchers bill speaks for itself. We gain 500 points and force most of their squadrons to replace heavy losses.

On the other hand, I may just have lost the Bunker Hill