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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1276: Operational Report: 04/06/45

Carrier battle! (avoided)

The Japanese have sent out what may be their last undamaged carrier.

Our pilots fluff an attack.

Mother of God, they have a lot of different plane types left.

This makes for an expensive day in the air.

The Japanese get closer to my carriers than I would like.

But we manage to get some hits in on the Ibuki. she may well be able to limp home with that damage though.

We hit Muroran again, the enemy will crumble here quickly.

The Victoria point planes begin sweeping south.

They also protect the airfield.

We can continue our advance on Changchun.

Fushun falls to our forces, once more, we are mainly fighting their cooks.

So yeah, we lost the Bunker Hill.

This is the price you pay, she took out her points in planes yesterday however, so we're still doing okay, and its been a while since you guys complained about me for losing ships. I've got to keep this interesting by doing stupid things, and Operation Reef was far too successful!