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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1277: Operational Report: 05/06/45

Owch, that poor poor sub.

We continue to hit the Maebashi airfield.

I have finally found a target that is in range of our escorts though!

I give it a good bombing to see what points it will yield me.

I order a shock attack at Muroran, and we take the city, now for the long march to Hakodate!

There seems to be fewer enemy planes here, I wonder if they have all been shipped out.

We are picking off the few ships left in the area.

By plane or by sub, they shall all go down.

The Victoria point planes continue to do good work.

One more base on Hokkaido to go! We gain 750 points today and can move forwards. I have also unloaded avations support at Batangus, near Manila, and moved a load of planes up – this should cement our air superiority there.