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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1281: Operational Report: 09/06/45

Japanese air cover around Manila seems to have all but disappeared.

The first raid in what I hope to be the great Hachinohe burning goes in, and its a really good start.

Then we really hit them.

I come in really low, taking the damage and the losses for the massed hits.

The city burns, over a million fires rage.

What the....

The Japanese have a Carrier off the coast of Australia. I really have no idea what to say.

Our main force arrives in Korea, and is immediately attacked by the Japanese.

We counter attack and take heavy losses – thankfully, most of ours are disabled squads, and we should be able to replace these.

That was some day of bombing. It may have cost me some aircraft, but it sure set some fires. 1.2 million by the last count. This does not really gain us any points however.

That said, these bombing runs often don't see much in the way of results until the fires have burned for a little while. The bomber force will now switch to another target and see what they can do there.