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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1283: Operational Report: 11/06/45

Oh hi Mr sub, I forgot you guys were out there.

The bombers continue to do their work.

Where are these firestorms I was promised.

How much more of the city do you want me to burn?

The Japanese carriers are raiding Java, they loses a lot of planes, but apparently they are now suiciding their carrier planes.

I need to see what I have in the area.

Their morale improved by this victory, the Imperial Army troops hold us off.

We pay the price for another layer of forts, soon we should be able to start switching the casualties towards the Japanese.

The battle for Heijo is going to be a bloody one.

Changchun will not fall until I have surrounded it and starved the defenders for a time.

That was a bad day for us, I am looking for carriers to send to the DEI to intercept, but the loss of all of those ships is painful.

Loosing a ship called the Empire Battleaxe is even more painful.