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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1286: Operational Report: 14/06/45

The troops may be resting, but if I can sneak in the odd bombing range, then its all good.

I think I need to rest my bombers for a few days.

I miss a screen shot of a raid that nails two subs.

We see some scattered fighting in the air, but apart from this raid, its ones and twos facing off against each other.

The Japanese attack us again, but one in three of their assault troops fail to return. Looking at the AV/numbers ratio, these must be some damn fine troops.

I then pay the price to break the fortifications in Korea.

This base should fall soon.

Not many points being scored, the bombers in Japan seem to have used up their current targets, so I'm going to rest the lot for a day and then hit somewhere new.