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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 129: Operational Report: 14/04/42

The Cruisers storm forth, and come into contact with the Japanese naval force less then 50 miles from Wake. The two formations clash at 6,000 yards and skirmish for an hour or so before withdrawing.

The Akagi is sighted, and hit a couple of times in an engagement that on the balance of things we win.
Lets hope that damage stops the Akagi from putting all her planes in the air. But the crusiers are not finished yet, and persue the Japanese ships.

We come off worse from this round, and although the Akagi is burning, the torpedo hit to the Indianapolis is going to slow her a good deal.
But its not enough to put off the brave Americans.

Most of the ships are burning now, and they are about 100 miles from the Island as the Japanese flee, but they have damaged another carrier, and as dawn comes, its time for the planes to take over.

The Yorktown comes under attack by Bettys, but a combination of fighters and flack takes down half of the attackers.

A wave of Nell's is also dealt with.

Then the planes from the Akagi come in hard and fast.

Our CAP performs admirably, and seven bombers and two fighters hit the water for the loss of no planes for us.

To the south of all this, the Haddock puts a dud into a Japanese frieghter.

The Nell's once more fly over the airspace near Calcutta.

I'm guessing Wigglesworth has climbed the killboard once more.

Over Chittagong, we also manage to take out a plane and disrupt a bombing raid on our forces.

The Japanese ground forces chew up one of our last remaining concentrations of troops.

Java will be all theirs soon.

Todays battle at Sinyang goes well for the Japanese.

“Well” being a relative term. This is Sinyang after all.
Kiukiang is more of a normal China battle for us.

Amoy in the south is a small battle, but one that still yields five times as many Japanese casualties than Chinese ones.

We then counter attack to inflict even more losses on the Japanese forces.

We continue to break up the remaining Japanese soldiers on Noumea.

Hmm, That was a nice day, a risky one, but I think it paid off, the 45 planes we shot down today for the loss of only 4 of our own is good, and we've sent the Akagi back to a shipyard.

Our ships are damaged, but no to badly really, I was worried the Indianapolis would be worse off than that. I'm going to send them all out again in an attempt to finish off the Akagi

I'm sending the Luganville Task forces out tomorrow as well, so that's something else to watch for.

Finally, the Tennessee, West Virginia and the California have arrived at San Francisco, and are thrown right into the repair yards.

Getting closer, but I may need to spread them out a bit, as we're now overstraining the shipyards here.