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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1290: Operational Report: 18/06/45

We sweep up some fighters.

I've been ignoring this base, leaving it for the Russians, but that doesn't mean I can't score some points off it.

We also hit a refinery.

We kills some fighters here as well.

We break the forts once more at Manila, I'm going to look at our leaders. Apparently their poor here.

An attack on Victoria Point is fended off easily.

The Japanese forces attack us once more, it seems that whoever attacks here is going to take heavy losses.

Things are getting really bloody in China. Or Korea in this case.

The slow scoring continues, but at least we have men advancing.

This is the situation in Manila, the left hand corner has the leadership, this is one of the eight Divisions attacking the city, and it has a poor leader – 37 leadership and 42 land. (Yes, I know about the Disruption and Fatigue, but they have just attacked.)

That's better, now to do the other big units.