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by Grey Hunter

Part 1294: Operational Report: 22/06/45

The aggressive sweeping begins again. It seems we may have dealt with all of their good pilots in the fist raids yesterday. By the fourth raid, there is no enemy presence in the air.

Well, I think we found the main fighter concentration here!

One of the later raids brings us some sad news.

Hunting destroyers.

The Japanese carriers pop up again. They must be basing out of Singapore, its the only port that they Japanese have left that can deal with them outside of Japan, and this is the only section I'm not watching like a hawk.

We prep for an attack on Manila. Hospitals across Luzon empty their beds of low priority cases.

We do more damage than we take, and we also break a layer of forts, so overall the battle is going our way. And without supply, its impossible for the Japanese to replace their losses.

Time to bring those bombers online, I'm going to try a massed 10k high firebombing mission, to see if we can get a firestorm for the crowd.