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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1296: Operational Report: 24/06/45

We sweep the enemy planes once more. They are replacing them quickly at the moment, but that cannot last, they will hit the week block soon enough.

I like the high kills, its points and you know its doing good. I've also assigned far to many planes, so I may start doing this over another base. Maybe even Tokyo!

The bombers start hitting their targets.

I'm mixing fire-bombing with factory hits.

Of course, most of the hits are fires.

The fires quickly mount.

The Japanese defenders of Hakodate cannot even hold me off for a day......

We close in on Batavia.

Japanese losses at Manila are rising.

We get men into Harbin, and it looks like the city will fall to our troops at this rate.

Well, that was a turn. I now officially declare Operation Reef over! And its been an overwhelming success.
We gain 1000 points, but only 165 of these are from the bombing. I'm switching to hitting facilities at Maebashi for now.
I also send up some more ships and make sure I have a load of men planning for the invasion of Ominato and Shikoko!
I need an Operation name for that!