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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1297: Operational Report: 25/06/45

We continue to sweep Maebashi.

We also fly over Tokyo, and find no enemy planes there!

The bombers start their work. This time we are targeting factories.

This is lots of little raids today, all doing damage like this.

We do see some bigger raids though.

We begin the clean up at Hakodate. A lot of these units are wiped out by attrition after the battle.

I've also been cleaning up those small islands, this is the first one that needs a fight. The remaining troops here also attrit out.

The Japanese carriers pop up again, this time hitting Soreabaja.

Then, out of nowhere, my patrolling carriers find another Japanese group!

The Japanese attack us at Changchun.

Well, we gain 370 points today, most of them from the bombing runs. And it also looks like I can clean out Tokyo as well! I'm going to keep on at Maebashi for while, as I'm saving Tokyo for the nuke.