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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 130: Operational Report: 15/04/42

The Formidable is close to Luganville, and launches a small strike on the island, but the Zeros protecting the island do a good job of defending it.

At Noumea, we round up another couple of hundred Japanese soldiers without loss, this leaves only a few hundred rear echelon troops left to clean up.

The fleeing Carrier makes a strike against our cruisers, putting a bomb into the Indianapolis.

The battle of Sinyang strips another thousand men from the Japanese army in China.

And Kiukiang sees five hundred Japanese fall for just twelve of our men.

The attackers at Amoy continue their even battle.

A quiet day, but once more, this may well be the quiet before another storm, if the last four months are anything to go by.

Wake will be getting a visit, but from a pretty much unarmed force. I'm assuming this is a force sent out to resupply the island after it was taken.

Unfortunately, I don't have China to fall back on today, so its going to be a short update.