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by Grey Hunter

Part 1300: Operational Report: 28/06/45

The text box says it all. Today is a good day to obliterate an airfield. Also, no enemy fighters seen yet.

We see an enemy cruiser moving towards our island.

We hit it hard.

And so it begins.

So, how many of you thought this would be a terrible mistake?

Me, I call this a damn good idea.

submitted without comment.

The Japanese attack our far superior forces.

We crack the last level of forts in Manila, and I'm going to rest up my men. I can't take the city this month, so I'll wait until next month before restarting the attacks.

Well, that worked. A total of 462 enemy planes destroyed on the ground for the loss of only 40 of our planes across the theatre. I think I can do this for one more day and still be profitable.
Unsurprisingly, we gain 455 points today.