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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1303: Operational Report: 01/07/45

We continue to sweep the skies. Over Tokyo is empty still.

The Kako keeps on coming, despite the mounting damage.

We hit her hard, and take out her escort.

We continue to hit Maebashi's factory.

We continue the attack on Batavia.

As the new month begins, so do the fresh attacks on Manila.

So, here's July, and with it we have a good chance of scoring big. Taking Manila this month will take us a good boost, and we're getting about 200 points a day from the bombing campaign.

We are now at Major Victory Level.
This month we gained 7000 points more than the Japanese, but with the double points needed, we only went from 23,500 points to win to 20,400. Still 2000 of these points have been scored in the last week when I switched up the bombing campaign.
We took 11 bases for 2,000 base points, most of those came from the Japanese conquests, the other bases are worth but a few points each.

In air points, its been a brutal month though, both sides have lost over 1000 points worth of planes.

On the ground the Japanese are loosing men three to one. I'm not sure this will continue when I jump across to the largest of the Japanese islands, but they are due some heavy losses in the Philippines.

We only lost 21 ships this month, the Japanese lost 71 and have now lost more ships than I have!

When you look at the points however, we are still 4,000 in the hole. Stupid expensive carriers.

The Imperial Empire continues to shrink. Cleaning up the unmanned bases makes the map look neater.

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