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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1307: Operational Report: 05/07/45

Wrong harbour mr sub. Down you go.

The same goes for you.

We send men to Maebashi for plane recognition training.

The firebombing attacks begin, and even at 21k feet, the flak is still deadly.

This does reduce the number of hits we get as well.

We do break the magic six figures though.

Now I have ships in Victoria Point, the Japanese hit it hard. I have plenty of planes in defence, and we take the enemy down four to one.

We deal with the second wave as well. One of the British carriers is here, which is supporting with the odd planes.

By the sixth wave, some planes are making it through.

Things continue to go well at Harbin.

For once, most of the planes shot down are NOT from over Japan. We did some good damage in Burma, but it makes me fearful of my jump down. I'm going to need that carrier to stay on station at all times it seems.

365 points were scored today, and here is how Tokyo looks. Lets see what we can do over the next few days!