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Part 131: Operational Report: 16/04/42

As this looks like being another slow day, I'm going to show what the last few survivors in the Philippines have to put up with daily.

Bombing raids on the unsupplied and forgotten men. This is something that I don't mention daily as it will have no real bearing on the war.

Denpasar is being bombed regularly, but there is little little there to damage, and the runway there has been a wreck for days now.

While our dive bombers claim another victim.

The 1000lb bomb obliterates its target in a fireball.
While we also get a couple of good hits on another ship in the area.

Koepang is taken today, as the Japanese troops finish their march from Dili on the other side of Timor.

The raid on Chittagong does not go as well for us today, as we lose two planes.

Another day in Sinyang, and another couple of thousand dead Japanese soldiers.

Its a similar story at Kiukiang.

Chengchow changes hands once more, as the Imperial army starts another northern offensive.

And Taiyaun also falls today.

Apart from the loss of a few bases, another quiet day.

As requested, here is the theatre map. Red dots are Japanese, green are our own bases.

As you can see, we have a few bases left in the Philippines, Borneo and Sumatra, but these have no real troops in them, so are going mostly unreported.
The area around Port Moresby is contested, as are the Marshall Islands in the centre.
China is looking nice as well.