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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1317: Operational Report: 15/07/45

Another day, another sweep over Maebashi.

It looks like the Japanese are trying to blockade me once more. Lets see how that goes for them. Its not like I use that port anyway!

Its the afternoon before the bomber appear, and the Japanese actually get some planes into the air!

They play havoc with the twin engined bombers.

Look at all those task forces, the Japanese are abandoning Manila at best speed.

This is not ending well for them.

Clark Field is falling step by step.

My bombers really don't want to play, all I want to do is nuke Tokyo, or at least set it on fire!
I'm going to try and nuke Kyoto, its not as populated, but at least its a different and important target if the game is bugging out on me.