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by Grey Hunter

Part 1318: Operational Report: 16/07/45

The CAP leaks, and a landing craft pays the price.

This is more what I was expecting over Tokyo.

We keep on piling on the hits, but the fires don't go up that much. 150K is the max.

At least until the twin engine bombers go in, they cause a spike.

Then it happens.

Its quite anti-climatic, no flash, not special art, all I get is the reports of recon photos being taken, its only in the report that I see that the worlds first nuke has been detonated.

Thats more like it.

The Avengers take out another fleeing ship.

The news of the destruction of Kyoto does nothing to aid the defence of Manila.

In China to, the Japanese troops take heavy losses.

I would show you what the nuke did, but my recon over Kyoto is zero. Lest just look at the 11,132 point increase in strategic bombing. Some of that will be from the good day over Tokyo, but that's pretty much mostly from the nuke.

yeah, its not like that any more

I now need 488 points to win the war. I have sent a missive to Japan. I expect their total and utter surrender within two weeks, or Tokyo will go the same way. (The two weeks is only there because that’s when I get bomb number 2.)
I do not expect them to wait two weeks.