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Part 1320: Operational Report: 18/07/45

The Springer is damaged, hopefully she will not become the last sub lost in the war.

The Chosen Maru – Chosen to be the last ship sunk in the war perhaps?

Possibly, but it will soon be joined by others.

I order my bombers to redeliver the surrender notice. Its a shame to lose a few aircrews doing this, but needs must.

Its also a shame for the Japanese civilians, but I did not start this war.

Our men march forwards.

Japan Surrenders. The war is over.

Included for the completionists amongst us.

So, How did I do? Well, I'm a month ahead of the general surrender of Japan, so thats pretty good, but lets face it, its been a rocky ride to get here.
That was a wild 1321 days folks, and from a purely technical standpoint, I missed 1 day, with a number of “pacific time” ones.

As you can see, the nuke really speeds things up. The Japanese have been scoring points at a steady rate since early 1942, while my rate has been increasing since the start of 1944.

In the dreaded base points, the drops and rises average out over 3.61 years. We never went to far into the red here.

Lets look at the various losses.

In the air, we've been killing more than we have been loosing since mid 1942, and the Japanese have lost close to 40,000 planes during the war, to our own 25,000.

This has cost us nearly 6000 pilots. It has however given us some amazing aces. VF6 is the top squadron based on the number of pilots that appear on this list. This squadron is of course based on the Enterprise.

On the ground we never caught up, mainly due to the heavy losses at the start of the war, the invasion of Iwo-Jima can still be seen in mid 1944. That was one of my biggest missteps of the war.

I sank five more ships than I lost.

In ship value however, I'm over 4000 points behind. I put a lot of this to the 35 CVE's that just exploded whenever I put the bloody things next to the Japanese.
I would like to make a comment on the “Turning the Royal Navy into reefs” joke that has been running for years. I am not a conservative person, a conservative person would not commit themselves to a game that lasts 3.6 years. I am a risk taker and I like to push the boundaries of possibility. In the war this was shown by the number of cruisers I threw at the enemy to buy me short term advantages, and I did disrupt several invasions. The reason that the Royal Navy took the brunt of this is because they had more ships. Pearl harbour is a long way away from the conflict, and most of the useful ships were damaged, so I had to make do with the number of proper ships scattered across the region. This forced the losses onto them.

Basically, if the US Navy had had some ships available, I would have thrown them into the grinder as well. Total war calls for some losses.
Never got the Enterprise though. Maybe next time.

Anyone who is interested in the final save game can ask, I can also share up the google doc with all the data I use for the graphs, if people are interested.

I will leave people with this, I would like to say thank you to those of you who stuck with this, and I would Like to say something to the following people.

Tiny Turtle posted:

I'll definitely watch this since I'm a big fat WW2 nerd, but I concur. You're nuts. Absolutely nuts. I hope this lasts at least the week!

EDIT: Wait, geeze dude. Day by day for 5 years. I hope you run out of steam before the week runs out, because this is really, really nuts. Really nuts.

Psychotic Weasel posted:

Well, the war in the Pacific lasted approximately 1,400 days, so I have my doubts this thread will see the Atomic Age unleashed on the world, but it should be interesting non-the-less.

Ilanin posted:

Grey, you're insane. Gloriously so. I hope we get through at least a few months. Hey, maybe you'll convince enough people to buy the game we could turn it into a succession LP as and when you do finally burn out.

I am Grey Hunter, Lp'er of Lp'ers. Look upon my works ye mighty and tremble.