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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 133: Operational Report: 18/04/42

Another raid on Chungking is met by our fighters.

The Japanese at Sinyang seem to have brought up a fresh unit, as they are making good ground in their last couple of days of attacks.

Kiukiang is a slow but stead battle, I'm not going to go on the offensive, so this one will be going on for some time.

Well, I'm not going on the offensive there.

Take that! Thats the Hankow and Wuchang areas secured.

Our dive bombers claim another kill today as they find a troop transport unloading on the other side of the Peninsula.

The number of ships we've seen there over the last month makes me wonder if the Japanese are building up forces to attempt the Koduka trial.

Another quiet day, another sunk ship and a patrol boat from January is confirmed. We didn't even lose a plane today.

The Saratoga and the Mississippi are off to Los Angeles for repairs, and I've given them a couple of destroyers to protect them. These are all newly upgraded ones as well, so lets hope they are more effective.

This, plus the number of ships that should be finishing repairs over the next few days means that we should see the yards cleared for the arrival of the ships damaged around Wake in the battles there. In a week we can send out the Lexington to support the Yorktown in her defence of the island.

Although I'm going to have to call back the Yorktown soon, as she needs to dock up to receive her plane replacements, she only have two decent squadrons left. But I'm going to wait until tomorrow, as we still, have a nice target in the area.