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by Grey Hunter

Part 136: Operational Report: 21/04/42

God dam defective torpedoes.

I mean, how lucky can a single transport be?

While the enemy bombers come in over Wake and run into the flack and CAP we have defending the island.

They pay for their raid with half their planes.

More heavy raids on Denpasar today, this time three squadrons of bombers with three squadrons of Zeros escorting.

All for minimal damage.

The dive bombers, still on extended loan from the angry politicians, get another kill and get to hang around on the front for a another week or so.

Another raid on Chittagong.

We come out even on this one, but disrupt their attack minimizing the damage.

The Japanese army moves past our main force and has managed to make a surprise attack on our forces at Nanchang.

We lose thousands as many of our men surrender to the rapidly advancing Imperial army.

There is a little bit of payback, but seeing as these are daily losses, its not much.

Another day without any serious upsets. The invasion of Luganville was called off by the commander, who must have finally gotten my orders.
I do like the 17-1 kills today in the air. But that's mainly down to the Wake island crew.