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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 137: Operational Report: 22/04/42

After yesterdays dud torpedoes, the Greyling makes a surface attack on today's target.

The Yorktown's bombers make another raid today.

The daily Denpasar raid comes in and causes a few casualties.

While we gets a few hits in with our dive bombers, who come out massively over escorted today.

We don't fair well into today's raids over Chittagong.

While the armoured point of the Japanese army in Burma takes another base, and is now ready to strike at India.

Trying to capitalize on their advances yesterday, the Japanese make an assault on Kiukiang today, but it does not go as planned for them.

But they do push us back at Kaifeng.

China seems to be turning against us now, the Japanese must have moved more troops into the area to allow them to counter attack – or maybe (hopefully) taken them off the border with Russia, who may be persuaded to enter the war.
I've moved some troops around, but we may lose some of the ground we've taken now.

We've also got some action coming in Shortlands, as the Revenge is going to arrive soon. After this, I may make a strike on the island, depending on the defenders.

The rest of my turn is moving transports around, so I'm going to end this here.

More enemy moving to Sinyang, its going to get even more bloody there.