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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 139: Operational Report: 24/04/42

The Banshee dive bombers go out once more.

Another troop ship takes some hits, and we have to worry about a hundred less Japanese soldiers.

In Sumatra, we lose another base. The Japanese are slowly mopping up our forces in the area, but its taking them some time. There is no organized resistance, but its costing them time and supplies.

Today's Chittagong raid is met by a good force of planes.

One kill and no losses makes for a good day in the air over Burma.

At Kiafeng, we get pushed back and lose several units that surrender, but like and Idiot, I lost the screen.
We do continue to make some ground at Tsiaotso.

I also order the opening of another front up in the north near the Gobi desert.

To the south, we take the undefended base near Chenting.

ZZZZZ, huh? I'm Awake.
The only real thing of interest to happen today was in the opsreport.

Intelligence continue to prove themselves an oxymoron.

This puts us at four kills to seven losses in battleships.

We also have another task force approaching Wake. Lets hope its some more battleships, or a lone light carrier.

Its time for another assault. The Revenge found no troops at Shortlands, so I've putting together an assault force to take the island, then we can use it as a forward base for our planes.

Although I seem to have run out of Fuel at Sydney, so it may be a few days before I can get some there to refuel the battleships waiting there.
This is a little embarrassing. But I'm bound to mess up somewhere when I'm running a theatre this large.