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War in the Pacific

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Part 141: Operational Report: 26/04/42

Our cruisers go out, brave and full of fire to bring me the Junyo.

The already burning, the light carrier takes seven more shells before they slip away from our forces.

The Yorktown is attacked by another raid of Nells, and with her protective ships off attacking the Junyo, I have a couple of heart in mouth minutes before she comes out unscathed.

The CAP does make itself felt, and two thirds of the enemy planes fail to return to their base.
A wave of Dive bombers make a run on the Japanese carrier, but fail to get any hits on her.

The second wave gets one, which smashes through the wooden flight deck and explodes in the decks below.

The Imperial Navy has moved a submarine to the area of Fiji, which manages to pick of one of our ships returning from the failed Luganville invasion.

Followed by another as she continues to have a good night of hunting amongst our scattered transports.

The Kongo is sighted once more today, somehow she has slipped in near Port Moresby.

With two cruisers in support, this could really make a mess of the ships unloading in the port. And has already made a mess of these two ships.

Three of the Banshees go out, but cannot get a hit on the approaching monster, and their bombs would most likely do little damage to her armoured shell even if they had hit.

The other squadron contents itself with a much easier target of a freighter.

Off the Japanese coast, the Salmon is attacked by a patrol boats, and takes a couple of near hits from the ships depth charges.

The Sinyang battle for the day is a minor skirmish, but I'll report it anyway.

We also force an enemy force north of Nanchang to retreat, abet at heavy losses.

There is another air battle over Chittagong, but there are few casualties for the number of fighters in the air.

Why will those carriers not sink?!

Oh, wait! YES!!!!
I'm going to send the Yorktown north today to see if they can confirm this, I don't really trust Intelligence.

Now for today's main problem.

The Kongo is still on our list of killed ships, so today was probably another of the Kongo class battleships. But its still a battleship in the wrong place.
The Revenge has been sent north, but will not reach in time, so we are going to take some losses, But we may be able to get some revenge.