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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 143: Operational Report: 28/04/42

A Japanese sub launches six torpedoes at one of our destroyers.

All six miss, and the sub is them hunted by the extremely lucky La Triomphant.

Some Hudson bomber go out to raid a new airfield the enemy are constructing on the far side of the peninsula.

While they only cause minor damage, it will at least cause some disruption to the base.
We also strike at a troop concentration, but the damage caused is also minimal.

We lose our base south east of Denpasar to an enemy assault.

This will most likely see the main base fall soon after.

Another dead day, but after the last couple of days bombing enemy carriers, we were due one. Only three planes were lost today, and no ships.

As normal, intelligence is telling us the placement of all the enemies garrison units – only the presence of the 25th Division at Cox's Bazar south of Chittagong is worth noticing.

Thats your lot.