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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 144: Operational Report: 29/04/42

Things go horribly wrong in the skies above Chittagong.

Four pilots bail out, and one is captured as we lose five plane for no kills.
This was not the return of Wigglesworth I was hoping for.

We do mount a large raid on the enemy formations in Akyab, and while it does little damage on the ground, does show our might in the area.

We can field three types of obsolete bombers! Fear US!

Another Chinese base gets some planes into the air today, but they are unable to get any kills for themselves.

At least their not raiding my supply transfer base up in Chungking.

The Japanese air force makes a raid on the airfield on Wake, but the Lexington is there now, and her fighters make a mess of the attacking bombers.

An attack on the ships misses all its targets and loses some more planes.

The Banshee's get another bomb into a transport, but I'm still looking for that battleship that was hanging around a few days ago.

They return later on in the day to hit the ships once more.

Bettys out of Java raid one of our supply convoys, sinking three ships and leaving the last crippled.

A heavy day for air losses, but we came out ahead by a good way, so this can only be a good thing, although the loss of four ships more than makes up for this.

But still nothing else much to report. I am going to plan an offensive in the south pacific, but I need to move some battleships to Fiji first – so its going to take them a few days to get there.

For now, we enjoy the quiet, and replenish our losses.
And Repair all our bloody carriers.