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Part 145: Operational Report: 30/04/42

The Planes above Chihkiang get a kill today when the Japanese bombers return.

Sinyang kicks off again after a few days of quiet bombardment attacks, but its the same story once again for the Japanese attackers.

While in the south, another of their attacks also comes apart under our guns.

We also have troops on the outskirts of Hong Kong, they have spent the last month marching down from Kukong, and now they engage the enemies out defenses.

Taiyuan is lost today when the Japanese forces assault our own.

We make them pay for this advance somewhat, but it still means we are losing ground in the north.

A major raid on Port Moresby is launches today, and is met by a good number of our planes.

Their attacks on our shipping are ineffective, and three fighters are not returning home.
Then our Banshees hit another troop transport, meaning the enemy are still reinforcing Lae. I would love to get an estimate for the number of troops stationed there now, as I'm sure I'm going to have to assault the place sometime soon.

The battle above Chittagong goes our way today, as we take down six planes for no losses.

Another good day in the air, as we take out twenty four planes without loss today.
We do get the Shokaku confirmed today by the ops report, so that's why we gained a ship and three hundred points on yesterday.

Nothing of interest here, but the top pilots screen now has no less than eight members of the 67th squadron on it.