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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 148: Operational Report: 03/05/42

The battle over Chittagong continues today, we break up the attack without and ground losses, and we come out on top in the air.

The Banshees continue to repay me for the political cost that I'm having to pay out to keep them around.

They then return for the patrol boat.

While the Japanese continue to make ineffective raids on the Revenge.

Sinyang once more sees a day of battle, with the normal casualty ratio.

We lose Shaohing again, I think this makes the fifth time this has changed hands now, we don't have the men in the area to hold it.

And now the enemy hold more land than we do.
We gain two ships today, the patrol boat and a destroyer from the 13th of this month near Wake. Its nice that we are getting a steady flow of ships now, and (tempting fate here again) we've not lost a ship in five days. The Japanese losses are now less than half ours, meaning we're gaining ground on them.

I've moved some cruiser from Darwin to Port Moresby, and have today ordered them out on a raid to Lea.

This should be interesting.

And more men for the grinder at Sinyang ¿ Keep em coming, we have bullets enough for them all.