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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 150: Operational Report: 05/05/42

The attack squadron from Port Moresby make it around the peninsula, and fall upon the Japanese
ships anchored there.

I almost feel sorry for them.

On the other side of the peninsula, to the south of Port Moresby, the Revenge runs into an enemy cruiser, and sees her off in a vicious engagement.

Massively outnumbered, the Naka attacks the much bigger battleship and gets a series of good hits on her, leaving her burning. But she is overpowered and sunk, her destroyer escort only makes it a short distance from the battle before she runs into the returning cruisers who finish her off.

The few ships remaining at Port Moresby come under attack from the Lilly Squadron, but the CAP see them off without an damage.

Whikle the Banshees find the Kongo is still in the area, and now has two of our task forces between it and freedom.

At Shortlands the enemy carriers strike our invasion force, causing some heavy damage to the ships.

Returning in the afternoon, they continue to cause havok, this was the perfect time for the Japanese ships to arrive in the area, its really thrown a torpedo in the works for the Shortlands invasion.

But at least the troops on the ground are able to chew up the remainig defenders and force them to retreat. We now have a good place to base our planes for strikes north.

Near Borneo, the Skipjack sends in a report of a enemy convoy, but is spotted before she can make an attack.

Cox's Bazaar sees a few raids from our forces today, we get a few kills in the air, and cause some damage to the infrastructure.

Only minor casualties at Sinyang today.

Once more we strike hard at the enemies surface fleet!

And once more, the most valuable ship is not on the list!
Checking the ops report give a much better picture, not only is the Naka on the list, but we get confirmation on the Mutsu back in March.

The damage to the Revenge has been over reported, as she seems fine to me.

Just as well, as the Kongo is out there, and tomorrow will bring another battle.

I hope.