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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 153: Operational Report: 08/05/42

The Seawolf engages a freighter to the north of the Christmas Islands. First with torpedoes and then with her deck gun,

The freighter is armed however, and the Seawolf is forced to withdraw after taking three hits.

The Shortlands invasion force comes under attack once more, but they manage to escape without any damage.

Err... Yes, thats all of interest that happened today. There were some useless bombing raids, and lots of ineffective bombing in China, but nothing worth reporting, so this is going to go down as the shortest update of the war.

So, here's a quick tour of the shipyards! First up is San Francisco.

The Okalhoma has another week of repairs to do, but they can be done without clogging up the shipyard. The Arizona is off to Los Angeles to finish her repairs.
At Pearl Harbour, the Enterprise is a good way from being repaired still.

If fact, we're going to see the Prince of Wales before that.
Yes, it really has been that long under repair.

It also looks like the troops in Shortlands are going to attack our massively superior forces.

Good luck with that guys.