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Part 154: Operational Report: 09/05/42

The Plunger seems to have left port with no decent torpedoes on board, as she uses another dud today.

The O21 seems to have working torpedoes, and is using them around Soerabaja.

The Banshee's fail to hit a patrol boat over in Lae.

Guadalcanal continues to go well for us.

The replenishment ships have still not left Wake for some reason, and come under attack again today.

They escape the first wave unharmed, but not the second.

I want them out of there.

There is another raid on Cox's Bazaar today, once more we use a large number of fighters to protect our bombers, and cause little damage.

But we're doing a good job of wearing down the enemy.

What The .....

Sound the alert! The enemy carriers are moving down towards Sydney! We need to mobilize the fleet and air arms in the area to meet this threat!
Those dastardly Japanese are once more hitting us with a surprise attack! TheAmerican sinks soon after this attack, and the Japanese then concentrate their bombing runs on the Silksworth.

Things have gone horribly wrong today, not only is Sydney under attack, but I got a terrifying message in the ops report.
Anyone who reads the above will probably noticed the 86 planes destroyed on the field, this can only mean one thing.

I Just lost another fleet carrier. The Lexington has succumbed to her wounds.
Those of you who are supporting the Japanese are allowed a well deserved cheer at this point.

The battles at Wake have been our Midway I believe, but the earlier loss of the Hornet makes the war much more even in carriers. Add to this that the Yorktown has been taken out of commission for repairs, this means that we only have two British carriers in service now. One of which, the Formidable is now legging it to Melbourne - She can't face a Japanese carrier on her own, and there she can meet up with the Illustrious, who should make Melbourne tommorow.
On the plus side, Wagner is now in a combat squadron once more, abet one at Pearl Harbour.