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Part 155: Operational Report: 10/05/42

The Sailfish Hits a sub hunter with a dud torpedo, in return, the sub hunter hits the Sailfish with a live depth charge.

Outside Canton, our forces have been entrenched since December, and have been taking daily ineffective bombardments. Today, the Japanese attack.

Our forces marching on Hong Kong finally reach the city, and the defenders counter attack in force in a shock attack.

That goes well for them.
We take Chengchow once more without any fight, as well as Taiyuan.

In the south, Nanchang also falls to us, the Japanese seem to have pulled back a lot of their forces, allowing us to advance without loss.

Even on the coast Ningpo is now ours, again without any Japanese defenders in sight.

One of our troop ships moving fresh men to Fiji comes under submarine attack.

The bastard battleships are back. This time they are hitting out task force returning from Shortlands.

They chew up the ships, taking out the cruiser Perth first and then falling on the unprotected transports.

The carrier continues to raid Brisbane.

From the numbers of planes seen, we're either dealing with a single large carrier or two light carriers, and I'm guessing on the former.

Deep in Burma, one of our base units recapture an abandoned base from the Japanese.

Well, things are not going well.

Today's ship losses have been atrocious. Those AP's are not ships we can afford to lose, but what can you do when there are two battleships cruising the area.