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Part 156: Operational Report: 11/05/42

The Sailfish has some better luck today, getting a hit on a passing freighter. Lets hope she was loaded with something valuable.

The Imperial Army has another crack at Sinyang, and lose over twice our numbers once more. Sinyang must be the most dreaded posting for the Japanese army at this time.

Although Kuikang can not be much better.

The Japanese try bombing our men in Shortlands today, but as they can only scrape three bombers together, the damage done is minimal.

The skies over Chittagong continue to play out their daily battles. The Japanese come out on top today, but Lambert, piloting the Hurricane from the 67th manages to bail out with wounds.

The first carrier raid on Sydney occurs today, and with all the modern fighters north trying to defend Port Moresby, we only have a few Beaufighters to defend the city – but they but up a brave fight.

Unfortuantly, they could never be expected to stop the large scale damage to shipping we see in the port – the Japanese fighters and bombers are far newer, and their pilots far better trained.

They do put to the air in the afternoon to try and prevent the bombing of the civilian sectors of Sydney, but they are still unable to do anything but get shot down – that Kate kill came from the flack emplacements over the city.

Its a sad thing when a good day means that you've not lost a large number of ships to a patrolling pair of Japanese battleships, but this is what its come to. The raid on Sydney cost us three ships, but nothing that's not irreplaceable.

I've decided to keep up people morale by beginning to sweep the Japanese from the Pacific, I have a number of troops based a Pearl Harbour who are not doing anything, so I'm going to send them at the (hopefully) poorly defended Baker Island. - this is just to the north of Canton Island – to which there is already an invasion force bound. If we can knock out a few of these outlying bases, then we can start to push the enemy back in a safe, controlled manner.

The Colorado will lead this assault, and provide some heavy support to the ground forces.
Gods speed men.

Thanks for Leperflesh for subbing for me for a whole week, its been greatly appreciated, and we are now returning to normal programming.

Ilanin posted:

The only one I can recall asking offhand was about the air wings of the two Illustrious-class carriers, are they composed of anything actually useful, or are we looking at Swordfishes and Fulmars here?

Swordfish I'm afraid, the British really lack any decent bombers, but their better than Fulmars.