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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 157: Operational Report: 12/05/42

The Cruiser Suzuya makes a raid on Port Moresby, knowing that we have no surface ships in the area to challenge her.

Just off the coast, the Skipjack comes under attack from Japanese destroyers, but apart from a few near misses, manages to get away unharmed.

For some reason, the Illustrious has docked up in Sydney harbour, I must really have fouled up her orders, as I'm dammed sure that I told her to remain in Melbourne for the time being.

The Japanese capitalize on this mistake, and the British carrier takes a pounding.

The Chittagong raid goes our way today, but I'm not sure where that Lilly bomber came from in the kill – the suddenly appeared as part of the raid after the air combat stage – I think that this may be two raids, and my poor laptop glitched. But we got the kills, which is what counts.

China goes quiet once more, and the raid on Syndey is the most interesting thing to happen during the day.

As for the Illustrious, it seems we got dammed lucky there, as the reports of damage seem to be drastically inflated.

We really dodged one there, she's now been ordered to Melbourne, where she will get a stern telling off.