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Part 159: Operational Report: 14/05/42

A change of tactics today, as the Japanese mount a night raid on Calcutta, caching one of our valuable planes on the ground.

When the daily raid on Chittagong comes in, we come off a bit better than yesterday. But this is really turning into a war of attrition, and I need to get more planes into the area.

The Japanese sub I-17 makes a surface attack on the freighter Meroendoeng – but ends up in a gun duel that, although leaving our ship worse off, can not be good for the fragile submarine.

Soon after, we get the abandon ship report from the Meroendoeng.

We mount a (relativity) large raid on Lea today, with some success.

Then the Banshee's go out to try and get some hits on the Myoko.

They fail, but at least we know that she's out there. It seems that the Japanese are planning to interdict Port Moresby before they attempt an invasion.
Our own invasion of Tulagi is going to be slow going it seems.

At least we have forced back the Japanese on the other island.

The carriers continue to make their way up the Australian coast, causing terror but little damage with their raids.

This whole exercise seems to have been a statement that they can hit us where ever they want.

The Chinese manage to achieve parity in losses today at Sinyang, which is an amazement.

They follow this by forcing our men fron Nanchang once more. Time to reorganise and launch a counter attack.

This is not the case all over China though

In fact, we manage to get our revenge in some areas.

We even start our assault on Hong Kong – this will be a slow costly battle, but as long as the Japanese don't reinforce, it is one we can win.

That would upset the Imperial Palace, wouldn't it.

Not much to say today here, its mainly a bookkeeping day as I check supplies and move troops around in the rear areas.

Although we do get a confirmation of sorts on the Soryu.