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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 160: Operational Report: 15/05/42

The Japanese bombers continue to hammer the airfield at Wake today, destroying more planes on the ground.

The second wave completes the destruction of the island's runway.

The troops at Shortlands are bombed again today.

Don't worry lads, some fighters are on their way to the area to try and help.

The Banshee's manage to get a hit in on the Myoko today as she continues to make her way towards Port Moresby. That other enemy task force is a worry – could this be the long awaited invasion force? The enemy battleships again? A carrier force?

Worried about what this could mean, it seems the garrison commander put his entire CAP into the air. Just in time for the carrier force that has been harassing Australia to launch their attack.

The result is spectacular, blasting through the Zero's, the fighter fall on the bombers and cut them to ribbons, we take no damage from this attack and the enemy's attack force leaves thirteen valuable carrier trained planes lighter.

I also thing it was only yesterday that I said that the battle of Tulagi would be a long one.

Well, it seems that the men heard me, and decided to show me. Well, we now have all of the islands of Guadalcanal in our hands. I think I'm nicely ahead of schedule there.

We have another good day over Chittagong today, coming out two planes in the lead.

This keeps the experience in our favour, the 67th will keep getting better and better, while the enemies skilled pilots are killed or captured and replaced by much poorer green men.

Another day at Singyang. - slaughtering Japanese soldiers day in day out.

While we continue to make advances in Hong Kong. If we can break through their defences, then we should be able to take the city quickly.

Our men reach Canton island today, they lose three hundred men storming ashore, and then get to grips with the defenders.

We should be able to win this one with ease – this is just the first day's unloading, so our forces will only get stronger. To the north you can see Baker Island, the other target in this mini offensive.

Well, I'm going to
call that a good day, we slaughtered the carriers aircraft, and lets hope its stupid enough to get into dive bomber range. We also had a good day in Guadalcanal and Canton, so the minor offences we are doing at this time are going well.

Although we shouldn't rest on our laurels, the enemy are sending a force to counter attack our men.