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Part 161: Operational Report: 16/05/42

The Japanese cruiser, today identified as the Suzuya, sails into Port Moresby harbour and opens up on the air field.

I suppose that's one way of bypassing our CAP.
And I know one sub Captain who is going to get a big soppy kiss when he gets back to port.

A heavily damaged heavy cruiser is something to be glad for. It looks like she took one right in the engine room, which will increase the chances of her sinking, and as she's in the middle of the Dutch East Indies, to the north of New Guinea, I'm pretty sure she has a long journey home ahead of her.

The Banshee's decide to ignore the cruiser to hit a heavily laden troop transport.
And then return for another.

The Japanese army take three undefended bases, two in Papua New Guniea, and one in the islands south east of Java.

The enemy send a whole load of planes to Chittagong today, so we send a whole load of fighters up to meet them.

That's a nominal win for us today, and the 67th pilot got away clean, so he'll be back as soon as we can get him a new plane.
They then even the scores in a later raid.

It seems that the Japanese have moved some more elements into the area, as a new force of about four Betty squadrons hit Calcutta – the day after I move the Mohawk squadron that was doing nothing there to Chittagong.

Methinks we have a spy. I will now begin to do a background check on every one of you reading these reports.

A failed assault on Kiukang begins the Chinese report for the day.

While the troops who I think should be rushing back to Hong Kong, are in fact content to chase down a much smaller force.

I'm going to have to keep up the pressure at Canton Island – not only are the defenders inexperienced, they are currently disorganised and exhausted. If I keep on the pressure, then maybe they will shatter.

Well, that bombardment could have been worse, but the massed raid on Calcutta has pretty much put the air field there out of action.
I do love that torpedo hit on the cruiser though.

I'm tempted to believe them. The combat report did mention engine damage, so she's out for a good while even if she's not sunk.